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Baby Items 2: Pram / Buggy

The last weekend in October we went to John Lewis with my parents to order the pram / buggy we wanted as they had generously offered to buy it for us.

We chose the Bugaboo Cameleon with the dark grey base and dark blue canvas since we know its a boy. We had a bit of drama as Bugaboo have now discontinued the dark blue and John Lewis didn't have any left in stock; we ordered the main dark grey base along with the black canvas with the option to cancel that if we found the blue. After a search online, we found the dark blue canvas so we could get the combination we wanted. I had originally wanted the limited edition dark purple but felt it would be more suitable for a girl.

Cameleon Carrycot
(Image from Baby Concierge)

Cameleon Seat
(Image from Bugaboo)

We didn't really look at many different prams as my sister has the Cameleon and loves it. We always thought that it looked the best option and everyone we know who has one loves it. We did look at a few others but weren't impressed by the flimsiness of some of them and the weight of some others.

(Images from here)

We liked how the Cameleon has the carrycot which can be used until 6 months then the seat which can be used until they are walking. The seat reclines into 3 positions and the seat can be reversed so you can have the baby either facing you or facing the world. It folds up fairly compact which will be good for putting in the car and having in our flat. We also ordered adaptors which can be used with our car seat to make it a full travel system. Although we have gone for the dark blue fabric, this could be changed easily if we had a girl in the future. The tires are made of foam which should mean no punctures and the handle can be adjusted to any height depending who is pushing it. The handle is also reversible if you wanted to use the large wheels at the front on tougher terrain and it can also be used with just two wheels which could be handy over sand or snow!

We arent getting it delivered to my parents house until December where it will stay until nearer the baby's due date, since they dont live far from us and we will only need the car seat at first.


  1. love it...great color. i even think that blue would work for a girl. i'm trying to decide right now between the cameleon and the upppababy vista (planning on purchasing it tonight, actually). i thought i had settled on the uppababy, but now you have me rethinking!!

  2. We have the previous bugaboo to this (I think) at work. It is now transporting it's fourth child. As you know I work in the countryside, we walk along paths that aren't really path, more rivets in the ground, and it is great. The strap system for holding the kid in is the best I've ever seen.

    VERY pleased you got the cover you wanted.

  3. Ooh very useful tips. currently having some buggy angst!

  4. Holy jeez - I just looked at the price! So glad someone offered to buy this for you - babies are expensive!


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