Wednesday, 5 November 2014

24 Weeks

I am currently 25+6 weeks {in my 26th week}, and the baby is the size of a lettuce!

My bump is definitely growing but I still don't feel too big yet.

I had another midwife appointment at 22 weeks and everything was fine. Holden came with me and we got to hear the heartbeat and I was measuring slightly under at 20 but the midwife wasn't concerned. A couple of weeks ago both Holden and myself also had our flu vaccines. I will see the midwife again when I'm 28 weeks. I have arranged to finish work in the middle of January, taking 2 weeks holiday before my maternity leave begins at the start of February.

This time around, Graham's sister is also pregnant too, about 10 weeks behind me and due at the end of April. It's lovely to be able to compare as we go along. I'm excited to be an Auntie again and it's lovely that Holden and our new baby will have another cousin who lives a bit closer than the others. I'm already looking forward to our next family holiday with all the kids.

My sister and her family have just moved from Australia to Dubai so they are a bit closer than they were before and it will be a lot easier for them to come over and for people to visit them there. My parents are going over next week to see them before Christmas.

Just yesterday my dad papered a wall in Holden's room with robot wallpaper for us and he is also going to do a wall in the baby's room once we have the wallpaper, have cleared the other spare room and moved the bed! We have managed to sort our room which was required so that we can move some of the stuff from the spare room in to it. 

This weekend Holden has a birthday party and we have a 40th to attend before our 4D scan which we have booked for Sunday. We are hoping they can confirm its a girl before we buy anything else. We are planning to have Christmas at our house this year so that Holden can play with all his toys, rather then dragging him somewhere else for the day. My family are also going to come which will make 8 of us for dinner. Although I said our trip to Grassington would be our last until the baby arrives, I've just booked a night away at Stobo Castle with my mum, aunt, best friend, her mum & mother in law in January. It's just the girls so we plan to enjoy the spa, have dinner and relax.

Monday, 6 October 2014

20 Weeks: Its a...


I am currently 21+4 weeks {in my 22nd week}, over half way and the baby is apparently almost the size of a papaya!

We had our 20 week scan last Monday and all was well, its a girl, and we could see her wriggling around. I had to go out halfway through the scan to get some chocolate to eat and hope that she would turn as the radiographer was having trouble getting some of the measurements.

I'm growing now as well and have a definite bump, as you can see from the photo below. I will try and keep a record from now on, the same as I did with Holden. I don't think I showed as early this time which I was quite surprised about.

I saw the midwife at 16 weeks and got to hear the heartbeat. Graham and Holden were able to come too. We already knew from last time that I'm AB negative so will need an anti-D injection at 28 weeks, probably at the same time as the new whooping cough vaccine and the flu vaccine. I had an appointment to see the hematologist last Friday and I've to have the 6 weeks of blood thinning injections after birth that I had with Holden. I will see the midwife again this Friday when I will be 22+1 weeks.

I'm still feeling good and am now wearing all maternity trousers, mostly the ones from last time, although I have bought another couple of pairs of jeans and a swimming tankini that I needed for our holiday to Center Parcs.

We haven't really bought anything yet apart from a chest of drawers for the babies room but we need to work on clearing the spare room so that we can make that the guest room / study and make what is currently the guest room the babies room.

As last time, I know quite a few others that are pregnant at the same time as me and my two best friends have both recently had baby girls.

We've just come back from a holiday with my parents in the UK. We started at Alton Towers, then Lytham St Anne's then went to Center Parcs for the last 4 nights. We've got a weekend away planned at the end of November to Grassington for their Dickensian Festival with my family and friends but that will be the last trip until baby arrives.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

My Life in Transition: "Moms Make it Work"

At the end of last month I wrote a guest post for Julia at My Life in Transition for her "Moms Make it Work" guest blogging series. She had put a call out on Instagram looking for some international mums to take part and as I've followed Julia's blog for ages, I thought it would be a nice series to contribute to.

I did write the post quite a while ago so of course there are now some changes that I could also have written about since baby 2 is now on its way. Go and take a look if you have a chance, I hope you enjoy reading and would love to hear your thoughts. There have been loads of other posts from mums in lots of different situations and how they all make it work!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

#100happydays - Weeks 13 & 14: 17th July - 1st August 2014

Day 85: Helping build the new shed!

Day 86: Lots of fun on the jumping pillow with My Spare Thoughts & A Dizzy Girl at the farm today!

Day 87: Fun with second cousin Amy at uncle Brian's birthday lunch!

Day 88: Garden slabs almost finished; just the cut ones to do!

Day 89: New cube table & chairs, final bit for the garden!

Day 90: First dinner outside!

Day 91: Ready for nursery!

Day 92: Enjoyed another lovely day in the garden!

Day 93: Loving the big ball outside granny & grandad's!

Day 94: Scotland v New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games Rugby Sevens!

Day 95: Watching the rugby sevens final after seeing the preliminary matches yesterday!

Day 96: Love the timehop app!

Day 97: Coffee catch up with friends after work!

Day 98: Seats on the train for a couple of days this week since I went further to a station!

Day 99: On our way back from a lovely afternoon with friends!

Day 100: Baby 2 due 12th Feb; Holden's going to be a big brother!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Coming soon (version 2)...

...the newest member of the family; Holden's going to be a big brother!

Due to make an appearance 12th February 2015!

Monday, 21 July 2014

#100happydays - Weeks 11 & 12: 3rd - 16th July 2014

Day 71: Nap time in the car!

Day 72: Soft play fun with Lucy

Day 73: Auntie Hazel & Uncle Jake brought Olaf back from London!

Day 74: Got to meet 4 day old gorgeous baby Grace tonight!

Day 75: Free ginger loaf from the sandwich shop at lunchtime!

Day 76: Mummy best friend me!

 Day 77: Finding Nemo!

Day 78: Luca's salted caramel ice cream is amazing!

Day 79: Lovely hot day for a picnic in the park with friends!

Day 80: Garden progress thanks to my mum & dad!

Day 81: BBQ in the sun at my parents this afternoon!

Day 82: Sweet & salty popcorn bar!

Day 83: Catching up with Masterchef Canada!

Day 84: Our local station getting in the spirit of the games!

Monday, 7 July 2014

#100happydays - Weeks 9 & 10: 19th June - 2nd July 2014

Day 57: Much better this morning so we got to come home!

Day 58: Attempting to help daddy wash his truck this afternoon!

Day 59: Lots of fun at the Highland Show today!

Day 60: Finishing Graham's birthday chocolates!

Day 61: Popcorn!

Day 62: Center Parcs booked for September!

Day 63: Another new necklace from A Weathered Penny

Day 64: Ice cream!

Day 65: Putting more bits into Holden's baby book; might actually get it done before he's 3!

Day 66: Tucking in to the duck & pancakes!

Day 67: Strawberries!

Day 68: Catching up with Modern Family!

Day 69: Trip to Alton Towers booked!

Day 70: Found my favourites at lunchtime again!