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#100happydays - Weeks 9 & 10: 19th June - 2nd July 2014

Day 57: Much better this morning so we got to come home!

Day 58: Attempting to help daddy wash his truck this afternoon!

Day 59: Lots of fun at the Highland Show today!

Day 60: Finishing Graham's birthday chocolates!

Day 61: Popcorn!

Day 62: Center Parcs booked for September!

Day 63: Another new necklace from A Weathered Penny

Day 64: Ice cream!

Day 65: Putting more bits into Holden's baby book; might actually get it done before he's 3!

Day 66: Tucking in to the duck & pancakes!

Day 67: Strawberries!

Day 68: Catching up with Modern Family!

Day 69: Trip to Alton Towers booked!

Day 70: Found my favourites at lunchtime again!