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#100happydays - Weeks 11 & 12: 3rd - 16th July 2014

Day 71: Nap time in the car!

Day 72: Soft play fun with Lucy

Day 73: Auntie Hazel & Uncle Jake brought Olaf back from London!

Day 74: Got to meet 4 day old gorgeous baby Grace tonight!

Day 75: Free ginger loaf from the sandwich shop at lunchtime!

Day 76: Mummy best friend me!

 Day 77: Finding Nemo!

Day 78: Luca's salted caramel ice cream is amazing!

Day 79: Lovely hot day for a picnic in the park with friends!

Day 80: Garden progress thanks to my mum & dad!

Day 81: BBQ in the sun at my parents this afternoon!

Day 82: Sweet & salty popcorn bar!

Day 83: Catching up with Masterchef Canada!

Day 84: Our local station getting in the spirit of the games!