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Holden: 24 Months / Two Years

Holden's 24th monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.

Holden turned 24 months old on the 2nd of February. I can't believe that my little boy is now 2 years old. The first part of January was fairly quiet but included a trip to zoo, a couple of visits to soft play and the leisure pool with friends and one of Holden's friends birthdays. Holden also got to spend a day with nana & grandpa since my parents were still away and also got a haircut and new shoes. My parents arrived back from Australia on the 11th then my sister, nephew and niece came a week later on the 18th. It was wonderful to see them all as it had been over a year since we last saw them, when we were in Australia in Oct 2012. The rest of the month was busy as we spent lots of time with my niece and nephew while my sister was away. We went swimming, to the soft play, lots of lunches, dinners and sleepovers at granny's too. There was also lots of planning for Holden's birthday party as I made invites to send, Holden's card, a banner, a 2 decoration, the party boxes and the cake.

Then it was Holden's 2nd Birthday. We opened presents in the morning then Graham's parents arrived while we got ready to go to the Time Capsule with them, my parents, nephew and niece. We had a wonderful day and they all loved the leisure pool. We had more presents at home then dinner and a birthday cake. The next day we had his party, at our house, with all of his friends. The party was a success and all of the food, pass the parcel, robot party boxes and robot birthday cake went down well.

Holden's talking continued to develop really well throughout January and February. There have been some other milestones recently as well. We got rid of his dummy on the 4th of February without any issues at all and he's never had it or asked for it since. He had started biting through them so we had to throw them away which he seemed to accept without a problem. On the 16th of February we gave him a duvet and pillow in his cot for the first time, so he could get used to it before we moved him to a bed. We then bought him a big boy bed and he moved in to it on the 19th of April. He has been brilliant with all of these changes and he has adapted really well, without any problems. He really likes his new bed and hasn't ever got out of it at night yet.

As you can see we had a very busy January. This continued throughout February and some of March when my niece and nephew were still here. We were at the leisure pool, visited the terracotta warrior lanterns, had lunch with family, saw the Lego exhibition and went to a surprise 30th birthday lunch. Holden and I then went to Disneyland Paris at the end of February with my parents, niece and nephew for 3 nights. We had a fantastic time and they all completely loved it. Once my sister arrived back we took them to the kids cinema for the first time to see Frozen, which Holden sat through quite happily. Holden absolutely loved having his two cousins around for such a long time and we have all missed them since they went home in the middle of March. At the end of March, Graham, Holden and I all went to Copenhagen for 4 nights to celebrate our 4th anniversary. We loved Copenhagen and had a brilliant trip, there was so much to see and do, even for Holden, and we would recommend it to anyone. We've also just come back from a long weekend in North Wales to celebrate my uncle's 70th birthday with all my family, where we visited Chester zoo with my parents.

I took the same photos every month, beside his bunny and standing beside his penguin, but now his monthly photo project is complete. This will be my last monthly update post as well. {He was completely losing patience by the end as you can see as his cousins had to join in too. I also missed out the standing ones as he was not impressed with the main sitting photo!}