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#100happydays - Weeks 5 & 6: 22nd May - 4th June 2014

Day 29: Our free Alton Towers tickets arrived!

Day 30: Can't wait to sleep in the new bed tonight!

Day 31: BBQ with friends after the birthday party.

Day 32: Fun afternoon with auntie Hazel & uncle Jake; lunch with great gran too!

Day 33: Happy boy at bedtime!

Day 34: Making a card for my uncle's 70th this weekend!

Day 35: Lunchtime treat today!

Day 36: Enjoying the outdoor train after dinner with granny & grandad. First day of our long weekend in north Wales.

Day 37: Enjoyed the day at Chester Zoo with granny & grandad.

Day 38: Uncle Ian's surprise 70th birthday lunch!

Day 39: My favourite American m&m's!

Day 40: My Festival of Museums Mystery Box prize arrived!

Day 41: Received a lovely wedding invite today!

Day 42: Caramel hot chocolate on a wet wet day in Edinburgh!