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Baby Items

Ive already mentioned a few things we have been given or bought for the baby in my 16, 20 & 24 weeks posts but now we have started to collect more items that I wanted to write about.

I wont bore you all with all our clothing purchases but I just couldn't resist this Frugi dinosaur babygrow and hat that I found in the Pea Pod Baby shop in Bakewell while we were on holiday last week.

(Images from Frugi, babygrow & hat)

We have also been very lucky with more gifts and received a Cath Kids toy print babygrow from my sister and the baby zoo pack of 2 vests from my mum, along with a gorgeous white suit from my aunt. A friend of the family has been busy knitting and she made us a gorgeous white and blue pram blanket which will be perfect for the winter months, along with another cream blanket and a cream arran jumper. While on holiday we also found a pattern for a knitted babygrow which my mum is going to knit for us as its slightly out of my skill range!

What might actually be my favourite item for the baby is a giant plush penguin that we also found in Bakewell, in The Bakewell Toy Shop. He's about 60cm tall and is going to stand somewhere in the nursery.

(Image from here)

We visited Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield while we were away and there we found a gorgeous beige Jellycat Bashful Bunny in the Laura Ashley sale. Enzo has a small white one which he loves so we wanted to get one for our baby too.

(Image from here)

I have been looking for a baby book for a while and saw this K Two All About Baby file while we were in Buxton for the day. The only one the shop had was damaged so I didn't buy it but I managed to find the last one available on amazon since it had been a limited edition back in 2009. It has some lovely illustrations by Isak including stickers to mark the babies development along with lots of pockets to keep things in.

(Image from K Two)

Since the file is more for keeping things in than writing a lot about the baby, I also got this My Baby Book: A Keepsake Journal for Baby's First Year which I had first seen and remembered from another blog, Heather Drive. After reading Heather's review, it seemed to be the sort of book I was looking for, with plenty of prompts of things to write about rather than lots of blank pages which I probably wouldn't get round to filling out. The book has three sections; one about the baby's arrival, another for the first year which has a page for each month, then a gallery of firsts including things like the first bath, first smile, first swim, first big trip, first Christmas etc so that everything is covered. Its an American book so I was worried it might have a lot of stuff that wasn't relevant here but the only bit I can see so far is the baby shower page that ill just leave blank. I'm looking forward to filling it out and really hope that I can remember to include everything!

(Image from amazon)

I cant remember where I first saw the Oh Baby, the Places You'll Go! book but I think it was also on another blog. The theory is that you are supposed to read it to baby while they are still in the womb and its an introduction to the world of Dr Seuss. I couldn't resist adding it to my basket when I was shopping for the baby books and I think it will be good for Graham to read to the baby now that he can hear voices.

(Image from amazon)

My sister wanted to buy us a gift before they left for Oz and although they have already been very generous with gifts and given us their moses basket, we thought a baby gym would be a good purchase. I had seen the Lamaze pyramid one in Tesco previously and we couldn't believe it when we found it a quarter of the normal price while on holiday. I like how it can grow with baby then become a toy to play with.

(Images from Tesco)

We went shopping with our parents last weekend to get the pram, cot and car seat ordered, which I will write about separately, then Graham's sister has said she would like to get us a bouncer. We bought a new mattress for the moses basket and a pregnancy pillow for me at the same time, which has helped to make me a bit comfier in bed. We also bought curtains for the nursery and a rug for our living room so the baby isn't just lying on a hard floor. We were lucky to still have some vouchers left from the wedding that we used to purchase the curtains, rug, mattress and pillow. We have a small amount left which we are going to use for a rocking moses basket stand. Nursery wise, we have some ideas as I'm sure you will have seen with my recent pins but haven't made any other purchases yet.


  1. Aww, I love all the baby book purchases. And what a wonderful idea to have a book especially to be read whilst baby is in utero xxx

  2. All great finds -- I hope you're doing great!

  3. So cute! Loving the dinosaur babygro :) Went to see my friend's little boy on Sunday and I was rather taken with the spacemen, dinos and giraffe stuff he had going on ;)

    Love the big penguin too!

  4. That dinosaur babygro is so cute!! All I need now is a little baby boy to buy it for.

    And the bunny rabbit looks the perfect thing to comfort a little ever forget your first teddy.

  5. how have i never seen "oh baby, the places you'll go?" love it and i must get it asap!!


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