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24 Weeks

I am currently 24+1 weeks, and the baby is the size of papaya (or ear of corn)! At my 22 week midwife appointment I was measuring exactly 22 weeks and got to hear the heartbeat for the first time which was very exciting.

I definitely have a bump now, as you can see below. I haven't been very good at documenting every week but I will try as I continue to get bigger.

I have dates for my antenatal classes starting in November which I'm sure will make it all seem a lot more real. Otherwise I'm still feeling fine, I've had to buy some maternity tops now as well as many of mine don't stretch far enough over! I'm feeling a lot of movement inside now as well, quite often at night and I got woken up early this morning with him moving around!

We haven't made much progress on our spare room yet, we still need to move the double bed before we can do much more but we are hoping to go shopping at the end of October with our parents to order the pram / buggy, cot & car seat. We did buy one monkey sleepsuit, got a elephant one from my sister and received some clothes from my parents but we still have a lot of basics to buy. We also now have a moses basket as my sister wasnt going to be able to take it to Australia with her and they were going to buy us the same one anyway. All we need for it is a new mattress and some bedding.

(Image from Toby Tiger)

The next couple of weeks will be busy with our week away with my family which will also turn into a goodbye for my sister and her family then we are spending the weekend with Grahams sister before we come home. After that we actually have some free weekends that we will use to sort the baby's room before we go to Cologne at the end of November.


  1. So exciting.

    I can't imagine how it feels.

  2. LOOK at your bump G! Baby G is growing well! I like your stripy top.

    That romper suit is ADORABLE.

    I can't wait to meet the baby. :)

  3. Enjoy your pregnancy. It is an amazing time.

  4. How awesome that you got to hear the heartbeat! That monkey sleep suit is too cute.

  5. Eeeeee! Bump picture! :D You look fab!

  6. that monkey outfit is too cute. just about every thing i've bought for our babe is striped!

    feeling that movement all the time never gets old, does it? my little one has gotten big enough that i'm not only feeling short taps and kicks but also squirming around and rearranging himself in there.


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