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I'm Back!

We had a fabulous holiday in Florida and just got back on Saturday. I went back to work on Monday so I'm definitely still feeling the effects of the jet lag! We still haven't managed to finish putting our tree up yet since our heating decided to pack in on Sunday. Thankfully its fixed now so the flat is all cosy again!

I have lots to share in the next week or so {when I get a chance to write some posts!} about both our recent holidays, my nephews christening and all of the wedding purchases we managed to make in Florida. Although I do have a busy week ahead seeing friends and family before my office Christmas do on Friday.

Will be back to normal posting soon!


  1. Hello! Looking forward to hearing about it :)

  2. Yea, so glad you are back - I've missed you. Looking forward to hearing all the details.

  3. Oh I am not jealous at all!!


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