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4 months to go!

Eeeeeek! Now we have only 4 months to go, its coming so quick!

We had a really busy month in November! Our G & G letters arrived and we bought purple and grey paint for them. I went to meet the florist, got an idea of the flowers then paid the deposit. I also started guest blogging on Little Miss Wedding. We ordered our wedding rings, Grahams kilt & set up our gift list at John Lewis and we finally got some wedding insurance. I also started making the day invites, booked & paid the deposit for a coach for our guests and spoke to the minister at the church.

Since we have been in Florida I have also bought a few more things including an edge punch for the table names or table plan; a corner punch for the order of service’, menus or placecards; purple beverage napkins for the welcome drinks or cake and I also ordered mini gable boxes for the favours which should arrive tomorrow.

So next month {as well as still being on holiday for the next 9 days} I want to get the rest of the day invites and the evening ones made so that I can send them all out in January. We will be putting our decorations up on Sunday 13th when we return from Florida then the rest of the month will be busy with Christmas & New Year, all the preparations and seeing family & friends. My sister Ashleigh & nephew Enzo are coming up to Edinburgh on the 19th and I cant wait to see how much he has changed since we last saw them in October.


  1. Four months! The time goes SO fast. Best of luck with the rest of the planning!

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes. And you're right, it's the best time of year for birthdays. I missed your birthday - but I knew you were going to Disneyworld for it (though I see you were at the Epcot park, it's still part of the same "grouping"). So Happy belated Birthday to you, too! :)

  3. Crazy isn't it? Sounds like you are getting married just a week or two before me (we're April 16th). You are really on top of things so that's good...I feel like I am, too for the most part but have so much left to do still! We are going to look at tuxedos this evening so I will be happy to check that off the list :)


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