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36 Weeks & Maternity Leave

I am currently 36+5 weeks {in my 37th week}, and the baby is the size of a winter melon!

My bump is growing a lot but I don't think I'm much bigger than I was with Holden at this stage, although she is definitely higher up.

I finished work last Wednesday at the end of my usual working week, so yesterday was my first actual day of maternity leave. Technically I'm using my last two weeks of holidays first before my official maternity leave begins on the 2nd of February. I'm not sure how long I will take this time, but I think by the time I use my 9 months then my holidays, I probably won't return to work until January 2016! Holden is going to continue to go to nursery his usual 2 days while I'm off which I think will be good for him to keep a bit of a routine and he enjoys seeing all of his friends there.

I saw the midwife again on Friday 9th, when I was 35 weeks. It wasn't my usual midwife, but she was lovely and sorted out a prescription for my heartburn, which is my only real complaint at this time. Otherwise everything was fine, I heard the baby's heartbeat again and I measured 34.5, which is perfect at this stage. I received a date for my planned (elective) section on Thursday, exactly at 36 weeks as the consultant had said. Although it will be between 39 & 40 weeks as we expected, we are not going to share the date as I'm aware that things may change beforehand or could be delayed.

We've made lots of progress sorting the spare room and the baby's room the last few days. We cleared the spare room then moved the double bed from the other room in to it so that the empty room could become the baby's. Graham and my dad built the drawers and cot on Saturday, then the wardrobe after an Ikea trip on Sunday. We bought Holden a bigger 4x4 kallax unit for his toys so we could move the smaller 2x4 expedit unit in to the baby's room to use as a changing station. We've also put a smaller 2x2 expedit in our downstairs toilet as another changing station so that I'm not having to keep going up the stairs. Today, since Holden is at nursery, my dad put the wallpaper up and my mum and I sorted through Holden's old clothes to see what we could keep then we got the new curtains and lampshade put up. We are waiting on the new cot mattress and the different pram hood being delivered then its only the shelves and pictures to go up on the wall. 

We had a wonderful Christmas, hosting at ours for the first time, followed by a few busy days seeing all of our family and friends. After my midwife appointment, I spent the night at Stobo Castle with my mum, aunt, best friend, her mum & her mother in law. We enjoyed a nights stay and use of the spa, as well as dinner, breakfast and lunch before we came home. We all enjoyed a treatment in the morning, when I had a lovely mother to be massage, even if the therapist seemed surprised I was 35 weeks. My sister and her family are going to be coming over from Dubai for the whole summer, so we are starting to make plans for when they are here, with a week at Center Parcs already booked for 14 of us!

The next couple of weeks I'm going to enjoy my maternity leave, meet friends, pack my hospital bags and prepare for Holden's 3rd birthday which is on the 1st of February. We are having his party at a soft play centre this year as I didn't want to have it at home when I will be 38 weeks pregnant.


  1. I hope you have a great start to your maternity leave! Good luck getting things ready for your new little one!

  2. ooh how exciting! Not long to go at all now. Glad its all going ok (apart from the heartburn!) and I look forward to reading your happy announcement! Thank you so much for linking up to #MaternityMatters x x


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