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32 Weeks & My Birth Choice

I am currently 32+4 weeks {in my 33rd week}, and the baby is the size of a durian!

I am getting a lot bigger now as you can see. I've had to get a new winter coat to last me through the winter months.

I'm not due to see the midwife again until 9th Jan, when I will be 35 weeks, as the surgery is shut the week before when I should normally have seen her. However, last week I saw the consultant for my appointment to discuss options for the birth.

I have decided to have a planned (elective) caesarean section, as I was given a general anaesthetic during Holden's birth and by the time I woke up everyone else had met him. I would like to make sure I'm awake for this birth and get to see and cuddle my baby first. They would not induce me again, and I would probably have refused it anyway and they also said they would be fairly quick to perform a section if the baby was in difficulty, so I feel better having it planned so we know exactly what will happen. The consultant was lovely and completely understood why I would want another section. I had thought I would need to give lots of reasons to explain but no, they said they would completely support it after what happened last time.

The section will be sometime between 39 & 40 weeks and I should get a date when I'm around 36 weeks. It feels a bit strange that we will know the babies birth date beforehand but I definitely feel this is the right decision for me this time, and at least we know beforehand what to expect. That's not to say I won't be nervous when the time comes but hopefully everything will go as expected.

Although we have cleared a bit more of the spare room,the baby's room progress has been put on hold until after Christmas, when my dad is going to put the wallpaper up. We are hosting Christmas for my family this year although there will only be 8 of us including Holden. Thankfully we then have plans for most of the days between Christmas and new year so we don't have too many days to cook.


  1. Happy 2015! I hope you and your growing family have a healthy, happy start to the new year!

  2. Not long till you get your section date - how exciting! Hope you're keeping well lovely x

  3. I think you've made a sensible decision regarding the planned section. My first was born via emergency section and when it came to my second I was refused an elective.Long story short, my second was also an emergency section, this time under GA. It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that everyone had already met my son before I woke. He had even been named and I was unaware of it all. We struggled to bond and as a result my third baby was an elective section. It was the right decision for us all. Good luck and thank you for linking up to #MaternityMatters x xx

  4. It is odd to known the arrival date in advance, but with my first baby we were sent home for 2 days as they had a lot of emergencies that day... so she actually arrived the day after her due date and 2 days after we thought she would! I'm glad they agreed so easily for you :)


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