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#100happydays - Weeks 13 & 14: 17th July - 1st August 2014

Day 85: Helping build the new shed!

Day 86: Lots of fun on the jumping pillow with My Spare Thoughts & A Dizzy Girl at the farm today!

Day 87: Fun with second cousin Amy at uncle Brian's birthday lunch!

Day 88: Garden slabs almost finished; just the cut ones to do!

Day 89: New cube table & chairs, final bit for the garden!

Day 90: First dinner outside!

Day 91: Ready for nursery!

Day 92: Enjoyed another lovely day in the garden!

Day 93: Loving the big ball outside granny & grandad's!

Day 94: Scotland v New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games Rugby Sevens!

Day 95: Watching the rugby sevens final after seeing the preliminary matches yesterday!

Day 96: Love the timehop app!

Day 97: Coffee catch up with friends after work!

Day 98: Seats on the train for a couple of days this week since I went further to a station!

Day 99: On our way back from a lovely afternoon with friends!

Day 100: Baby 2 due 12th Feb; Holden's going to be a big brother!