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#100happydays - Weeks 3 & 4: 8th - 21st May 2014

Day 15: Lovely day by the sea!

Day 16: After dinner treat!

Day 17: New drawers for the bedroom.

Day 18: Fun day at Almond Valley with friends!

Day 19: Looking through family wedding photos!

Day 20: Cyprus Delights

Day 21: My new jumpers arrived!

Day 22: Our Commonwealth Games tickets arrived!

Day 23: Climbing at the park!

Day 24: New necklaces from A Weathered Penny

Day 25: Holding a tarantula at Prestongrange Museum's Wild Weekend for Wee Ones

Day 26: Meeting new baby Elspeth & big sister Emily; lots of baby cuddles for me!

Day 27: After work coffee catchup with Helen, Jenna & Nic

Day 28: On the way to nursery this morning!