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Holden: 21 Months

Holden's 21st monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.

Holden turned 21 months old on the 1st of November. We finally got proper Internet access at home at the end of November but after a busy month getting ready to go on holiday, going on holiday, Christmas and Holden's 2nd birthday, its been a busy few months, which is why I am so late with this monthly post, and the ones to follow. In October we made more progress in the house getting the loft prepared with some flooring and buying wallpaper and lots of other things, then the builders came to do their 28 day visit. We also continued to explore our new town with walks and a visit to the soft play centre. We've had lots of lunches and dinners with family and friends including a family meal for my cousin's birthday. Holden enjoyed visiting Almond Valley, a heritage park, again with Graham's family and we've also been to Dynamic Earth and had a visit to Holden's great nana. I've started going to a bodybalance class which I hope will help with my back and so far I've been enjoying it. I went to a lovely baby shower for Daydreams in Lace and also got to meet some friends for an Indian. I even got to finally get my hair cut, while Holden got his done too. At the end of the month we went to a Halloween party at our friends who live two doors from us.

Holden has continued with his new routine at night, just getting put into his cot, and he is doing really well with it. Some nights he talks to his toys for a while but usually he just falls asleep after a short while. He's still only got ten teeth but we think more might be coming soon. Graham spent a few days away in Denmark for work which required a few changes to our routine the two days when I work and Holden goes to nursery. Luckily my parents were around to pick Holden up one evening then the nursery were happy for me to collect him slightly late the next day. Holden also got his nursery photos taken this month and they turned out really well so we ordered them all on a CD.

This month we started thinking about getting organised for our holiday at the end on November. We have also started our Christmas preparations so that we don't need to do everything once we get back and since we are sending my nephew and niece's presents with my parents, who go away at the end of November. In November there will be lots more holiday and Christmas organisation.

I'm going to take the same photos every month if I can, beside his bunny and standing beside his penguin.


  1. He's so blonde G! Love that you're still doing the set of pics... can you keep doing them until he's 21? :) x

    1. Ha ha, I made it till he was the full 24 months and that was definitely enough for me & H! x


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