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Holden: 16 Months

Holden's 16th monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.

Holden turned 16 months old on the 1st of June, which was over a month ago. I spent the first couple of weeks of June ill from a stomach bug, which is my excuse for this post being so late, although I have no excuse for after that, especially since he turned 17 months three weeks ago! May seemed to be quite busy. We were at toddler group, visited friends, went swimming, had a day at the botanic gardens and another at the butterfly farm, dinner out with my parents and a visit to a soft play centre with friends, as well as enjoying time in the garden. We had lunch with auntie Hazel, then met up with adizzygirl and her husband for coffee. We spent the first May bank holiday at Almond Valley heritage park with my parents, aunt and uncle, seeing lots of animals which Holden loved and playing on the trampoline and in the large sand pit. The second bank holiday was spent visiting my aunt and uncle who had come up from Wales for the week. Holden went to another birthday party where Minnie Mouse came to visit, thankfully he loved her which will be good for our trip to Florida, and afterwards we stayed to enjoy a barbecue and drinks with our friends. Holden loved running around with all the older children until quite late. The next day we had a lovely lunch with auntie Hazel, uncle Jake, Graham's gran, Graham's cousin and her two boys, Holden's second cousins. We also managed to have two nights out this month, which was lovely. The first was to Martin Wishart, to use our Christmas voucher, which was fantastic. We enjoyed the tasting menu while my parents babysat for the evening. The second we joined friends for a quiz night in our hometown while Graham's sister & dad babysat.

Holden is still eating well and even though the nursery give him dinner, he still then has dinner with us when we get home. Two more teeth are finally coming through on the bottom but very slowly and its not the front ones yet. I still fed him in the evening for most of the month but by the end some nights he was going to sleep without it. I took him to get weighed at the end of the month when he was 19lb and 73.5cm. He is running around everywhere now which meant we had to get him some new shoes as well. He's still got tiny feet, a size 3, so there weren't many choices.

This month we were making mortgage arrangements for our new house, which is now probably going to be ready in August. I also finally made Holden's 1st Year photo book, using a groupon voucher from photobox. In June we don't have many things planned.

I'm going to take the same photos every month if I can, beside his bunny and standing beside his penguin. {This month I didn't get a chance to take all of the photos until the 2nd!}