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Birth Announcement / Thank You Cards

Rather than doing separate birth announcements when Holden was born, I decided to add his birth information and a photo to the thank you cards we sent for all of the lovely baby gifts we received. Knowing that I wouldn't have any time to actually make the cards myself, I decided to order photo cards from

I chose two different photos of Holden; one wearing his 'been inside for 9 months' suit and the other when I caught him smiling. Using photoshop, I edited and cropped the photos before adding a grey banner beneath each. I used the grey banner to add his birth information including his full name and the date & time of his birth and his weight.

I ordered 60 cards, 30 of each, thinking that would be plenty but we only ended up with two left, which I've kept for his baby book. All of our family and friends were incredibly generous and gave us so many gifts when Holden arrived, some of which we still haven't used as some had thought ahead and bought much bigger sizes.


  1. Look how little he is! I just had a look at my one again. He's so tiny!


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