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Holden: 14 Months

Holden's 14th monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.

Holden turned 14 months old on the 1st of April. As usual I'm behind in posting but especially with this one as that was a whole month ago and he turned 15 months today! As I mentioned last month we moved out of our flat at the beginning of March and in to my parents house where we will stay until our new house is ready. We had a couple of busy weeks sorting everything in the flat and getting the rest of our belongings and furniture moved in to storage before it officially sold on the 20th. We are getting used to our new routine of me being back at work three days a week; Holden attends nursery for two of the days and then my Dad looks after him every Monday. We've been to toddler group and bookbugs a couple of times this month and also spent time with friends. We also got to have a night out at the Chinese then pub with our friends, while my parents babysat. My parents then went to Australia to visit my sister and before they left we celebrated my dads retirement with a lovely lunch. This month we also celebrated Graham's grandads birthday and got to choose the kitchen, bathroom tiles, flooring and extras we wanted in our new house. Holden also had his first haircut before another trip to the zoo. We spent Easter having lunch with Graham's parents, sister and brother-in-law after we had rolled some eggs in the hills.

Holden has continued to eat well at nursery and he is loving all the new things we are getting at granny's house too, the corned beef pie and mince & potatoes went down particularly well. He still loves sausages, fish fingers, porridge, yoghurt's, custard, raisins and fruit pouches too. I'm still feeding him morning and evening too as he wont take any other milk. Holden hasn't been weighed this month and no more teeth have appeared so he still only has his two top front teeth with none on the bottom at all. The most exciting development of the month is his walking, which he is now doing really well. By the middle of the month he was walking properly and came to us for the first time when we picked him up at nursery, the day the movers came. We definitely have a toddler now. Since living at my parents he has also learnt to clap, which he hadn't really ever done before, and point to his nose. Holden has had an almost permanent cold since starting nursery and I eventually had to take him to the doctor after he'd had a persistent cough for ages. It was just a virus though so there was nothing that would help.

In April we will celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary and Graham's grans 80th and Holden has another birthday party to attend.

I'm going to take the same photos every month if I can, beside his bunny and standing beside his penguin. {This month I didn't get a chance to take all of the photos until the 5th!}