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Holden: Eleven Months

Holden's eleventh monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.

Holden turned eleven months old on New Year's Day. December was of course a busy month with all of the Christmas preparations, a few lunches, my 31st birthday, a trip to a city farm, seeing Reindeer in Edinburgh, putting the decorations up, the toddler group Christmas party, lunch with all of our friends and their kids and also a birthday party for Holden to attend. We also managed to have a Christmas night with friends while Graham's parents babysat. Then we got to celebrate Holden's 1st Christmas. Graham's parents came to see Holden open some of his presents in the morning then we spent the rest of the day at my parents' house with my aunt, uncle and cousin. Everyone was completely spoiled and I don't think Holden will need much for his birthday. We skyped with my sister Ashleigh and her family in Australia once we were all together then again at midnight when they were waking up to their Boxing Day. We then spent Boxing Day at Graham's parents with his grandparents as well. After Christmas we had a day celebrating Grahams mums and nanas birthdays then enjoyed a quite new year having lunch with friends then staying in at night. Think that's probably the first time we have ever done that!

Holden is doing well with his food and we've started getting him children's meals at some places. So far I think bolognaise sauce, chicken dippers or fish fingers are his favourites although he still loves his porridge, fruit and lots of yoghurts. Holden doesn't have any teeth yet, despite us thinking he's been teething for a while, so some things are still hard for him to eat but he's getting there. I'm still feeding him although now its only morning and evening as we dropped his afternoon feed around Christmas. He hasn't been weighed this month as we were at the clinic in November then we will go back for his 1 year check-up in February. Holden is in to everything now, crawling everywhere fast and standing up all the time. He is getting faster at cruising around the furniture and likes to climb too. He will not sit still at any time so taking these photos is getting harder. He just wants to be somewhere else or looking at something else.

We are looking forward to a quieter January and I'm going to enjoy what I've got left of my maternity leave. Graham is also going to be spending a week away in Denmark with work. Our flat is going to be put on the market in January so we will have to be around to do open viewings every Sunday. I also have Holden's 1st birthday party to plan.

I'm going to take the same photos every month if I can, on the chair in his nursery beside his bunny and on his lambskin rug. {This month I didn't get a chance to take the ones on his rug until the 15th as he will not lie still for anyone; I won't continue to take those next year!}


  1. He's so grown up G! His wee personality shines through the pictures. :)


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