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Holden: Ten Months

Holden's tenth monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.

Holden turned ten months old almost three weeks ago so this post is a little late! November was another busy month with lots of lunches with friends, visits to soft play, toddler group each week, a trip to the swimming pool and Holden also had two birthday parties to attend. It was also my dads 60th so we had a family party at my parents house. We managed to fit in a trip to the cinema while my parents had Holden however that evening we all came down with a sickness bug which was wasn't very nice, especially when Holden got it too. Thankfully it didn't last long and we were able to have a early Christmas night with friends while my parents kept Holden overnight. This was followed by a lovely day out in Glasgow where I met friends and we had our annual secret santa swap, while Holden had a day with daddy. The day we took these photos we also had a meet with our NCT group.

Holden is quite good with food although he went off it while he was ill and for a while afterwards. He's getting better at having what we are, rather than the really textured baby food which he doesn't seem to be that keen on. His favourites are still his porridge, fruit and as many yoghurt's as he can eat in a day! Milk wise I'm still feeding him which is just as well as he's now given up taking bottles of formula when he is with anyone else or staying at my parents. I got him weighed in the middle of the month and he was 15lb 14oz which brought him back to the 2nd centile, the same as his height and what he was born at which seemed to please the health visitor.

Holden is definitely crawling now, he probably started properly in the middle of the month and there has been no stopping him since. He's pulling himself up on anything and everything and starting to walk around the furniture. As you can see from the photos, he wont sit still and look at the camera for long. After these pictures were taken he started climbing up the back of the chair.

I'm going back to work on the 25th February, for three days a week, so this month I went to visit the nursery near us and booked Holden's place for two days a week. My dad is then going to have Holden for the other day as he retires next year. We also have some good news, we bought a new house and it should be completed by July or August next year. We are doing a part exchange with the builders which means they are going to buy our flat from us and we don't need to worry about selling, although they will try to sell it for us from January. We've had a busy month of different estate agents and valuers round which meant we had to keep the place tidy. This month we have lots of nice plans with friends then of course, Holden's 1st Christmas to look forward too.

I'm going to take the same photos every month if I can, on the chair in his nursery beside his bunny and on his lambskin rug.


  1. Holden is getting so big! Congrats on buying a new house, too! :)

  2. I am shocked at how much he has grown every time I see one of these (or him in person). His wee character shines through in photos very brightly G!


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