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Holden: Nine Months

Holden's ninth monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.

Holden turned nine months old two weeks ago. We spent the first two weeks of October still in Perth, Australia visiting my sister and her family. Graham could only get three weeks off work so he flew home on the 5th then Holden and I enjoyed an extra week there. We visited the botanic gardens in Kings Park, the city centre, a national park and found a Holden car for Holden to stand on, all before Graham left! The next week we managed to fit in some shopping, visit Fremantle and Leederville as well as the science centre. However, Holden got conjunctivitis so wasn't himself for a couple of days but thankfully he was much better before we both flew home. Holden was fantastic on the flight home and spent most of the first overnight flight sleeping then enjoyed having a seat to himself on our second daytime flight! We've been a bit quieter since we got back but we still managed a few lunches with friends, a meet with our NCT group and of course Holden's first Halloween!

Holden is still quite good with food and is getting better at sometimes eating what we are having and having more textured foods. Finger foods are going ok as well and he is starting to get a lot better at drinking water from his cup too. He hasn't been weighed since we got back but I will hopefully take him soon, we know he is getting taller as we have had to move his jumparoo up a setting. He is sitting really well now and while he still only managed to move backwards while in Australia, since getting home he has definitely been on the move! He made his first attempt at moving forward on the 22nd and since then he has been trying really hard to crawl properly which he manages occasionally. He stands up whenever he can, including in the bath, and will not sit still so it was quite a challenge to take the photos this month and I think its only going to get harder!

We finally managed to finish bits of Holden's room when my parents looked after him for an afternoon as we hadn't had a chance to get the number pulls on his drawers and put his shelves and pictures up. They also kept him overnight so we managed to go out for dinner and to see James Bond. We are starting to look at options to move and went to look at a development that is about to be built so hopefully we will have some good news next month. Otherwise for once we don't have many plans.

I'm going to take the same photos every month if I can, on the chair in his nursery beside his bunny and on his lambskin rug.


  1. A really lovely update, sounds like you had a great time is Australia. I'm impressed with your baby long haul skills!


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