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Holden: Six Months

Holden's sixth monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.

Holden turned six months old over three weeks ago, while we were both on holiday at Center Parcs with my parents, aunt, sister, nephew and niece. Unfortunately Graham had to stay at home! This post is so so late as we were enjoying a busy few weeks while my sister, nephew and niece were still here. In July we had yet another busy month including more lunches with friends, trips to baby group and the baby cinema, and another meet with our NCT group. I was able to attend the summer day out at my office which involved getting my nails done, a forth cruise then a lovely dinner. Things got even busier once my sister and her family arrived. That weekend I was a bridesmaid at my best friends wedding, which was Holden's first, then Graham and I were godparents at my niece's christening. My brother in law was only able to stay for a short time so we made the most of his time with a trip to the zoo to see the pandas and a lovely dinner before he left. My sister and I had a weekend away without the kids when we went to Sheffield for a hen do and Holden loved spending time with daddy! We then went to Center Parcs for the week at the end of month and all had a fantastic time. I also had my last physio appointment and with the exercises my back has improved a lot.

After seeing the doctor, we started Holden on solids which is going really well. So far he has eaten most things we've tried him on, except for mashed banana, and he loves porridge then fruit for his breakfast. Since he was under six months, we started with puree's and also used quite a few of the easy fruit / veg pouches while we were away on holiday. He is starting to eat three times a day and otherwise I'm still feeding him. We got Holden a jumparoo this month as he wants to stand all the time and is starting to learn how to jump in it and when he is on the floor he just turns on to his front all the time. Near the end of the month we felt it was time to properly move Holden in to his cot in his own room and although his sleep is still sometimes a bit disturbed, it has been good for everyone. I got Holden weighed just before we went to Center Parcs and while he hadn't grown that much he was up to 11lb 10oz. The health visitor then came to see us two weeks later, for his six month check, and he was up to 12lb 10oz which definitely confirmed that he needed solids.

I've still got some thank you cards to finish which I have to do soon and I also want to get his baby book up to date and his birth story finished. This month will also bring Holden's christening and Graham's sisters wedding, where I am a bridesmaid.

I'm going to take the same photos every month if I can, on the chair in his nursery beside his bunny and on his lambskin rug. {This month I used the chair at our lodge in Center Parcs instead.}


  1. Wowo - it sounds like you have been really very busy!

    H is getting so big now and I'm sure his personality is really starting to really show. He seems like a very happy chap x


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