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Holden: Five Months

Holden's fifth monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.


Holden turned five months old at the beginning of July. We've had yet another busy month involving lots of lunches out with family and friends, including quite a few trips to Mimi's! We tried the baby cinema for the first time (Men in Black 3 was on) and we've also tried a couple of baby groups with a friend who lives round the corner that I met at our antenatal classes. I visited Jupiter Artland with my mum for the day so Holden got to spend some time with daddy. He also had his third set of vaccinations in the middle of the month then we celebrated Grahams birthday and his first fathers day on the same day by having an Italian lunch just the three of us. Graham also had a couple of stag do's, one in Germany, while we spent time with my aunt and uncle who were visiting from Australia. I also had a hen do at the end of the month which involved laser quest, afternoon, cocktails and my first night away. We also got Holden's passport ready for our trip to Australia and took him to see the Olympic Torch as it came through Edinburgh. I continued going to physio and my back is a lot better this month as well and hopefully it will continue to improve with the exercises I've been given.

Holden has started to do lots of new things month and is now putting his feet in his mouth and rolling over. We also got his high chair so we can start getting him used to it before weaning begins. He is still tiny and didn't put on much weight this month at all, at our first clinic visit he had only put on an ounce since his 4 month check and not much more at our second visit when he weighed 10lb 121/2oz. This happened at the same time his sleep became a lot more disturbed which we think was also down to the vaccinations and possible teething pain. For the last week of the month he started waking during the night for a feed again and although he has now gone back to mostly sleeping through, he keeps waking himself up getting stuck once he's rolled over! We did think he had grown a bit more and at our clinic visit last week he was finally over 11lb, weighing 11lb 31/2oz! The health visitors were still a little concerned, despite him developing well and hitting all his milestones so we saw the doctor this week who confirmed that we probably just need to start feeding him solids, which is what we had thought ourselves. Lots to look forward too next month then!

The thank you cards are almost finished so they will be done this month and I've just ordered some photos for his baby book. His birth story still isn't finished! This month my sister and her family are coming over from Australia so I get to see my niece for the first time and see my nephew again. We've got lots of lovely things planned including my best friends wedding, where I am a bridesmaid, my niece's christening and a trip to the zoo to see the pandas!

I'm going to take the same photos every month if I can, on the chair in his nursery beside his bunny and on his lambskin rug.


  1. Love these photos, they're such a brilliant idea! What a lovely record to have.

  2. Look at him, he's all 'Yay! I am too cool!'

    You enjoy a really full and varied life as a family. It makes me happy and it will do wonders for Holden. :)

  3. what a sweetie! love all the photos.


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