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Getting Festive!

With only 3 days until Christmas, I wanted to show you how we made our flat look festive! We put up our tree, got out all of our decorations and displayed all the new ones we bought in Cologne. Along with the tree we also have the ornament tree I added last year, which I use to display some of my favourites. As usual we totally underestimated the time it would take to put the tree up, string all the different lights around it along with all the garlands and that was before we even started on the decorations!


Again this year we had quite a few {I think there are 11} new additions to the trees, collected throughout the year on our travels. They include a gold metal star from Bratislava; a painted glass bauble from Vienna; a wooden ornament from Marrakech; a red metal star from Bakewell; a beaded ornament I made myself {the second pic below}; a glass tree which was a gift from a friend and quite a few we bought in Cologne in November. They were two red tin Santa's, a 5 coloured decoration, a metal star and a wooden tree.


In front of the ornament tree I have another new item for 2011, a tree, snowman & pudding set I got in the Paperchase sale after Christmas last year along with a couple of snowmen which I used to hang on the tree. We also bought a few other things in Cologne, including a reindeer on a spring which we hung from a lamp so it can be pulled down and a red acrylic reindeer & red acrylic Santa from Muji, which I stood beside the acrylic trees I got from Habitat a while ago. I added in a ceramic owl from M&S, a bouncing snowman we also got in Bakewell and we also have a mini teal tree I got from Paperchase a while ago and a dancing snowmen couple on the floor.


I'm working until tomorrow although we do have our work Christmas lunch as well so it will be a short morning, then we are going down to Grahams parents on Christmas Eve to stay with them for three nights. With my parents visiting my sister and family in Australia for Christmas and for the arrival of my niece, we swapped presents and said bye to them last night, we are spending Christmas Day with all of Grahams family. On Boxing Day we have been invited to my aunts for dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousin then we will come back to our flat briefly on the 27th before meeting Grahams family for dinner to celebrate his Nana's 90th Birthday. We don't have any plans for the 28th so I'm hoping for a relaxing day, with maybe some shopping and a meal with Grahams parents, then on the 29th we are off to Norton House Hotel to stay for the night and enjoy some time in the spa and a lovely meal. Ive hopefully going to book myself a long pregnancy massage which I intend to thoroughly enjoy as part of what I guess will be our last quiet Christmas; although I cant wait until we have our little boy running around next year!


  1. Eeee sorry that last sentence just made me squeee. In a few years time you might have decorations made by your little boy. Remember to hold onto your toilet paper tubes (or is it only my mum that put them on the tree year after year? Thankfully she eventually stopped this)

    Love all of your decorations. We definitely need more decorations and nicer ones for our quite bare tree.


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